5% Nutrition: All Day You May Natty, 30 servings

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ALL DAY RECOVERY DRINK If you’re serious about gains and you want an all-natural BCAA formula to help you get there, then it’s time for ALL DAY YOU MAY NATTY. You know you need to start, live, and end your day in an anabolic environment. ALL DAY YOU MAY NATTY is exactly what you need for maximum muscle recovery and growth. It can be enjoyed throughout the day, between meals, and during or following a workout. Branch Chain Amino Acids Complete blend of BCAAs, Essential and Non-Essential Amino Acids Electrolytes and Hydration Electrolytes and raw coconut water concentrate to stay hydrated Recovery and Support Glutamine and Carnitine for faster recovery benefits Muscle Builder Beta-Alanine for muscle-building and endurance Decrease Fatigue Joint support with Glucosamine and with MSM Powder-Based Product Your All-Day recovery drink in a convenient 15.5g scoop