ADD Alert, 1 Capsule

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ADD ALERT – Add Focus To Your Day!

An all natural solution to increase your focus and energy.


ADD ALERT uses a clinically backed micronutrient blend to revolutionize what a focus and energy supplement can do.  ADD ALERT’s in-house proprietary blend has successfully been able to add focus, increase concentration, and increase energy levels. Add Alert has no side effects!


  • INCREASE MENTAL FOCUS – Completely isolate your attention to the task at hand. This high-intensity and focus supplement designed to amplify energy, alertness, strength, & stamina.


  • IMPROVE CONCENTRATION – Improve cognitive function which allows users to lock in without the worries of being distracted or thrown off track.


  • INCREASE ENERGY LEVELS – Boost your natural energy levels


  • FOR MEN AND WOMEN – Designed for men and women in search of an intermediate stimulant based supplement, one scoop provides sustainable energy, laser focus, and endless endurance.