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ALRI: Humapro 45 Servings

ALRI: Humapro 45 Servings

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ALRI HumaPro BCAA & Amino Acid Supplement | 45 Servings

A Supplement More Powerful Than Normal Protein, BCAA or Amino Acids!

HumaPro is a revolutionary BCAA and Amino Acid product from ALRI. It has been known and researched for years of the power of this product. Each gram of HumaPro is equal to nearly 6 grams of a standard whey protein isolate! No other product (protein, amino acids, bcaas) on the market can make that type of claim. If you take Humapro post-workout, you will see decreased recovery time, which means you are up and at it quicker than ever before. The end result is more gains in size, strength and muscle mass. And all you have to do is consume 1 serving of Humapro right after your workout. And one of the biggest added benefits to Humapro is that it is time released. It can last up to 12 hours in the body. So all day long, you will stay in an anti-catabolic state, which leads to less muscle breakdown. Take it pre-workout, intra workout and/or post workout for the best results.