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Jungle Juice Black Label Extreme Formula Cleaner 30ml

Jungle Juice Black Label Extreme Formula Cleaner 30ml

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Jungle Juice Black aroma is the latest and most extreme offering by the world famous Jungle Juice brand. Specially filtered for extreme purity and featuring power-plus action pellets. We only sell, genuine, Jungle Juice Black aroma . Accept no substitutes!
Buy Jungle Juice Black aromas powerful extra strength formula and your sure to be guaranteed to be kept UP and got OFF time and again during long sessions!

Ingredients: Isobutyl Nitrite


WARNING: These products are sold are for cleaning use only. They are not for internal consumption. Read the label and all warnings carefully. All nitrite based products and ethyl chloride products are sold as multi-purpose solvent cleaners only. They are for cleaning use only. We expressly forbid the misuse of these products as inhalants. Deliberate misuse of these products is illegal. Products do not contain amyl nitrite. They contain isobutyl nitrite, alkyl nitrites, isopentyl nitrite, cyclohexyl nitrite, hexyl nitrite or ethyl chloride. Nitrites and ethyl chloride products as sold on this site are legal products if use is as intended.