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Klout PWR: BCAA, Kiwi Strawberry

Klout PWR: BCAA, Kiwi Strawberry

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KLOUT PWR's BCAA+EAA takes the average BCAA product and kicks it to the curb. Our product is scientifically formulated to assist in boosting both performance and recovery with the inclusion of eaa's and coconut water pwoder, not just bcaa's. This product is designed for anyone looking to boost their recovery, hydration and exercise performance. 

What makes our product so unique? we have some of the highest dosages of scientifically proven ingredients and bcaa's and eaa's in the industry. We have 5 grams of bcaa's, and 5.5 grams of eaa's which is a higher and more effective dosage than most any other product on the market. don't believe us? additionally we wanted to take it a step further and included cluster dextrin for enhanced carb intake along with 500mg coconut water powder for enhanced nutrient intake and increased hydration. Our product as a whole was designed to give you everything you need for next level training and recovery.