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LGI: Res-Q-Joint (BPC-157), 60 Capsules

LGI: Res-Q-Joint (BPC-157), 60 Capsules

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LGI Res-Q-Joint (BPC-157)

60 Capsules
250mcg per Capsule

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BPC-157 is a natural protein found in the human stomach and digestive tract.  Most proteins are broken down in the stomach and are reduced to their amino acid constituent parts -- which is why the oral delivery of protein drugs such as insulin has thus far been effectively impossible -- but BPC-157 is, surprisingly, highly stable and orally bioavailable.  It has been surmised that it functions as an endogenous anti-ulcer agent and angiogenic growth promoter, and that its primary site of action is the digestive tract. 

Yet supplementation with BPC-157 has been shown to improve overall wound healing [1], improve ligament healing [2], improve tendon healing and increase HGH receptor expression in recovering tendon injuries [3], accelerate muscle recovery from crush injuries [4], accelerate soft tissue recovery, [6] and more.  In all cases, it was delivered orally.  It appears to mediate these effects by increasing growth factor expression -- e.g. HGH receptor expression -- at injury sites. [6, 7]

The "BPC" stands for body protection compound, and, true to its name, there's no more potent natural compound for tendon, ligament, and muscle recovery.

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