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Muscle Addiction: Pump Addict Pre Workout

Muscle Addiction: Pump Addict Pre Workout

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Are You Addicted to Intense Energy and Insane Pumps?
You May be Hardcore But Can You Handle Ultra Hardcore?

Pump Addict Ultra Hardcore isn't just an intense pre-workout formula designed for those who want intense energy and insane mind-blowing pumps; it's a whole different level of hardcore It is THE Ultra-Hardcore Pre-Workout Experience.

Pump Addict Ultra Hardcore Users May Experience:

Intense Energy
Mind-Blowing Insane Pumps
Improved Lean Muscle & Strength
Increased Muscular Endurance
Improved Performance
Enhanced Recovery
Reduced Fatigue
Laser Like Focus

Pump Addict Ultra Hardcore Highlights:
12 High End Active Ingredients
5 Licensed Branded Ingredients
Clinically Researched Key Ingredients
Full Disclosure Label; No Deceptive Proprietary Blends
Who is Pump Addict Ultra Hardcore For?

Pump Addict Ultra-Hardcore is designed for those that are sick of trying pre-workout after pre-workout only to be disappointed by experiencing lackluster energy and results & by those that will only settle for the absolute best out of themselves and their pre-workouts.

Ask yourself a few questions:

Do you not only want the best but DEMAND the best out of yourself and your workouts?
Does the expression Pumps that are so good they hurt get you going and make you smile?

Are you sick of trying pre-workout after pre-workout only to be disappointed by lackluster energy, pumps, and other results?
Do you want a product that if you're iffy about going to work out that if you drink it you think  oh well, screw my excuses, I don't have much of a choice now but to go to the gym now and crush it?

If you're hardcore about your workouts¦..

If you give it your best¦..

If you want a product that helps you deliver your best each and every workout¦..

Then Pump Addict Ultra-Hardcore may be right for you.

Who is Pump Addict Ultra Hardcore Not For?
First and foremost, read the warnings and if you aren't up for grueling physical workouts or stimulant based pre-workouts then of course Pump Addict Ultra-Hardcore isn't right for you.


Every tried a pre-workout and said, I think I can tell a difference, and been okay with that?

If you're okay with that, you might not be ready to have your mind blown by the ultra-intense energy and pumps from Pump Addict Ultra-Hardcore.

Ever walk into a nutrition store and say what's the best tasting pre-workout you have?

Don't get us wrong, Pump Addict Ultra-Hardcore tastes pretty dang good for what it is but if what comes to your mind first when looking for a pre-workout is taste rather than results, you're probably not hardcore enough for Pump Addict Ultra-Hardcore.

That's okay though because not everyone can be Ultra-Hardcore.

You can sit and sip your beverage that you bought for the taste and watch the big boys (or girls) work out.

If you're lucky, we might even make Pump Addict Ultra-Hardcore sippy cups for you to drink out of so you don't feel completely left out.

Pump Addict Ultra Hardcore isn't just Hardcore, It's Ultra-Hardcore. Are You?
Key Ingredients:

L-Citrulline is a very popular amino acid that is used by many weight trainers, endurance athletes, and fitness enthusiasts for a wide variety of training and recovery purposes.

L-Citrulline is a powerful ergogenic aid that helps improve blood flow and oxygen utilization during exercise and increase muscular energy for improved strength, power, performance, endurance, reduced fatigue, improved recovery between sets, and improved recovery and decreased soreness between workouts.

L-Citrulline has also been shown to help increase nitric oxide production for improved muscle fullness, vascularity, and pumps!

Betaine Anhydrous:
Betaine Anhydrous is an extremely effective ergogenic aid used by athletes, weight trainers, endurance athletes, and fitness enthusiasts that are looking to increase lean muscle, strength, power, endurance, performance, recovery, and improve body-composition.

Agmatine Sulfate:
Agmatine Sulfate is a byproduct of the amino acid arginine but goes way beyond arginine in terms of potential benefits. Agmatine Sulfate has a wide variety of potential athletic, physique, and performance enhancing benefits.

Agmatine Sulfate is most commonly used for dramatic and long-lasting pumps, improved recovery, enhanced endurance, improved performance, and improved body-composition (building muscle/losing fat).

Agmatine Sulfate works through a variety of potential mechanisms including increasing nitric oxide levels, inhibition of nitric oxide synthase (the enzyme responsible for nitric oxide breakdown), stimulation of luteinizing hormone (LH), nutrient partitioning mechanisms, and other pathways to support and optimal muscle building environment.

Agmatine Sulfate’s inhibition of the NO synthase enzyme has led some to refer to Agmatine as a nitric oxide extender in the sense that it may prolong the NO boosting effects of other nitric oxide boosters by inhibiting the enzyme that degrades it. This allows for great potential synergy between Agmatine Sulfate and some other nitric oxide boosting ingredients such as L-Citrulline and allows for stronger, more sustained nitric oxide increases that are evident long after you've left the gym.

In simple terms, Agmatine Sulfate has a variety of potential athletic and physique enhancing including dramatic long-lasting pumps and muscle fullness!

VASO6 is a licensed branded ingredient that has become so popular over the last year that some of the biggest companies on the market have built entire products based around it.

VASO6 is identified by the patent holder/licensing company as a patented green tea oligomer for sports nutrition. Green Tea is an amazing plant that contains a lot of different constituents including some of the hottest sports nutrition and weight loss ingredients on the market. Examples of these include Epicatechin, EGCG, VASO6, and more.

Caffeine Anhydrous:
Caffeine Anhydrous is the staple ingredient in most pre-workout energizers and for good reason. Caffeine has been shown to support energy, fat loss, mental focus, mood, cognitive ability, & exercise performance. Caffeine also has potential synergistic effects with other ingredients in Pump Addict Ultra-Hardcore.

N-Phenethyldimethylamine is a very potent stimulant and fat burning ingredient that offers mood-boosting effects by increasing dopamine and noradrenaline in the body.  is commonly referred to as the feel-good hormone. These hormones also support improved concentration, alertness, mental focus, positive mood, and an improved sense of well-being.

In addition to its energy and fat burning benefits, common feedback on N-Phenethyldimethylamine also includes improved mood and focus in the gym, during exercise, &/or in day to day life.

A very important note about N-Phenethyldimethylamine is that while most stimulants used for energy and fat loss may cause jitteriness and anxiety, N-Phenethylamine is different in that it has been reports to help reduce anxiety. This is a very special feature that makes it a very desirable energy ingredient!

Theobromine is a methylxanthine and is the feel good ingredient in chocolate. The relaxed feeling that one experiences after eating chocolate can be attributed to its theobromine content.

Theobromine is a methylxanthine and therefore related to caffeine, but its effects are very different. Unlike caffeine, Theobromine is not a central nervous system stimulant. Theobromine has three methyl groups (as opposed to caffeine's two) and thus has longer half-life in the body which means that Theobromine delivers a longer lasting energy than caffeine.

The energy from Theobromine is commonly described as a long lasting, relaxed, feel good type of energy without a crash.

Dynamine (Methylliberine):
Dynamine, also known by its technical name methylliberine, is an alkaloid found in kucha tea leaf. It is chemically similar to caffeine and theacrine and may amplify feelings of energy, mood, and focus by activating receptors and other neurotransmitters without elevating heart rate and blood pressure.

Dynamine can be thought of as a faster acting version of theacrine and users can see results in as little as 15 to 30 minutes after consumption. Therefore, the combination of Dynamine and theacrine can be viewed as the best of both worlds in terms of achieving both fast acting and long lasting energy, improved mood, focus, mental alertness, cognition, and physical performance.

Theacrine is a unique supplement that is known for its ability to act as a potent, long lasting stimulant and for its mood enhancing benefits. Common user feedback on Theacrine includes long lasting energy and alertness and mood support.

The mood enhancing benefits of Theacrine are thought to be linked to its ability to elevate levels in the brain. Dopamine is one of the primary neurotransmitters responsible for controlling pleasure centers in the brain.

Theacrine is chemically similar to caffeine but is very different in that its benefits have been shown to last for a longer period of time and also because there doesn't seem to be the tolerance build up associated with caffeine.

Kanna, also known as Sceletium tortuosum, is an herb that has traditionally been used for its cognitive enhancing benefits. These benefits include potent stress relief properties and promoting and improved sense of well-being.

KannaEase is an ultra-potent branded form of Kanna that is included in Pump Addict Ultra-Hardcore to help you get your mind off the stresses of day to day life and focused on your workouts.

Rauwolscine is a popular stimulant ingredient in many weight loss products and pre-workouts because of its potential energy and fat loss benefits. It is a CNS stimulant that is classified as an alpha-2 antagonist which means that it is thought to block alpha-2 receptor stimulation which may help the body release more norepinephrine and reduce the formation of new fat tissues.

Rauwolscine bears a resemblance to Yohimbine, another popular fat loss and energy ingredient, but unlike Yohimbine, Rauwolscine isn't reported to cause the anxiety that some people experience when using regular yohimbine.

AstraGin is a natural patented ingredient complex comprised of highly fractionated Astragalus membranaceus and Panax notoginseng and created using pharmaceutical grade extraction and processing technology and designed to help enhance nutrient absorption.

In short, AstraGin is designed to help make sure you properly absorb the other great nutrients in Pump Addict Ultra-Hardcore for maximum results.

This is Going to Be Intense.  Are Your Ready?
Muscle Addiction
What Do You Crave?
Supplement Facts panel showing ingredients & dosages like L-Citrulline, Betaine, Agmatine, VASO6™ in the Pump Addict Ultra-Hardcore Pump Matrix and Caffeine in the Energy & Focus Complex.