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Repp Sports: Focus, 30 Servings

Repp Sports: Focus, 30 Servings

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BRAIN BOOSTER In creating RAZE Focus we wanted to make sure we created a truly effective product that you could tell was working. Other products out on the market make big claims, but every time we tested them we couldn’t feel a noticeable difference. No real focus or clarity boost, no noticeable memory boost, no energy or drive… Nothing even close to the “Limitless” effect. RAZE Focus changes that, and while it isn’t quite the limitless feel it’s a product you can truly feel working. A TRI-BLEND APPROACH What makes RAZE Focus unlike anything else, is our synergistic tri-blend formula. 555mg RAZE Pure Focus: To give you the tunnel vision-like focus on any task at hand 405mg RAZE Plantae Neuro IG: To help optimize brain function and mental performance 75mg RAZE Flow State: To allow you to stay locked in and in the zone for hours on end