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Russia Pharma: Lase-X 60 Capsules

Russia Pharma: Lase-X 60 Capsules

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Once administered, Lase-X may begin to push fluid from the body in approximately one hour at a high rate. The individual may expect heavy and frequent urination with Lase-x use. In fact, urination can be so frequent many find it annoying. The individual may also expect a notable loss in body weight during this time. You will not be losing body fat, it may simply be fluid, but it can be enough to make a notable difference in your total body weight.

Some athletes who are having a difficult time meeting weight class requirements will try the diuretic. It may work quite well, but it can also be detrimental to athletic performance. The individual will more than likely feel very drained, which will cause his performance to lessen. Not to mention the loss of electrolytes can make high levels of performance extremely difficult.


Lase X works the absolute best when taken with Clen 50, Anavr 25, Winny V 50 and Trenabol 150. Lase X is used to achieve that dry, hard grainy look before a competition or for the average personal the pool, beach or just to look your best. Lase X can also be used by competing athletes to cut weight before an athletic event.