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Species: Arthrolyze Elite, 300 Capsules

Species: Arthrolyze Elite, 300 Capsules

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Are your joints sore? Have you used joint products in the past just to be disappointed? It's time to try Arthrolyze Complete Joint Repair Technology by Species Nutrition. This product offers the most effective dose levels combined with potent ingredients for quick re-synthesis of damaged tendons, cartilage, and ligaments for total joint and connective tissue repair. Only ARTHROLYZE has high potency dosages like this!

Product Features:

Glucosamine Sulfate: Glucosamine is well known for both lubricating the joints and rebuilding cartilage.

During exercise, joint tissue can break down. Glucosamine is what the body uses to repair joint/cartilage damage. Due to the greater need for Glucosamine, supplement levels of 4000-8000 mg daily can promote repair. Additionally, glucosamine in supplement form lubricates the joints by increasing synovial fluid production.

MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane): MSM, 1/3 sulfur, is organic and non-toxic. Sulfur is found in numerous bodily tissues including the structural proteins in joints and connective tissue, in fact, it's a major component of collagen, this makes it important to not only cartilage formation but also cartilage repair. At a dose of 2-4 grams per day, MSM provides enough sulfur to rebuild joints that have been injured and to repair muscle damage.

Chondroitin Sulfate: This is also an important component of cartilage. Chondroitin promotes cartilage health by pulling water into the connective tissue that surrounds the cartilage. Studies have indicated that chondroitin may be involved in the rebuilding of new cartilage.

Calcium Fructoborate (FruiteX-B): this is the only food-form source of boron that is used in supplements. It's a combination of calcium-boron that supports joint health, bone health, calcium metabolism, collagen integrity, and vitamin D metabolism. It's patented and it's also water-soluble. In research using arthritis test subjects, a 6mg per day dose – which is what ARTHROLYZE uses - promoted a decrease in joint pain, an improvement in stiffness, and improved flexibility.