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USN: Phasted Kardio Ignite, 50 Capsules

USN: Phasted Kardio Ignite, 50 Capsules

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Mental Focus. Intense Energy. Potent Fat Burner. Diuretic Effect. Fat Burning Capsules. 50 Servings. Burns Fat. Energy. Mental Focus. Performance. USN pHasted Kardio Ignite Capsules Have Been Formulated for People Who Want to Maximize Fat Loss. pHasted Kardio Ignite Capsules Provide An Intense Fat Burning Effect And Are Perfectly Ideal For People Who Are Following Strict Ketogenic, Intermittent Fasting Or Low Carb Diets And Want To Maximize The Fat Burning Effects Of Their Fasted Cardio Or Other Workouts While Maintaining Ketosis Or Fast. pHasted Kardio Ignite Will Not Cause You To Tingle And Itch, Or Crash After The Effects Wear Off. pHasted Kardio Ignite Capsules: Convenient One (1) Capsule Serving. Potent Fat-Burner. Intense Energy. Enhanced Mental Focus. Diuretic Effect. No Crash. No Jitters. No Tingles.