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XPG: L-Carnitine Gel, 100ml

XPG: L-Carnitine Gel, 100ml

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L-Carnitine Gel
100 mg. per ml/100 ml per bottle

100 mg. per ml
100 ml per bottle
100 Servings

L-Carnitine Gel contains L-Carnitine and Propionyl L-Carnitine (PLCAR).

These ingredients are commonly used to support fat burning, promote energy production, and for cardiovascular and cognitive support.
They are also commonly used to help support improved athletic performance, enhanced stamina, delayed fatigue, and improved recovery.

L-Carnitine Gel can be used with Ab-Solved, Suppress-C, Alpha Gel, FL7 7-OXO Gel, or a wide variety of
other Xtreme Performance Gels products.